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Car buyers can find a wealth of information in Kelly’s Blue Book. Home buyers can lean on resources like Zillow but what do day traders have? Who cares! Let me tell you what they should have. If you haven’t read this post on when I joined the Tim Syke’s Millionaire Challenge then you won’t know why my opinion might matter to you. You see I get a lot of comments asking my personal opinion about this journey and now with over 50 subscribers to this blog I feel compelled to share a great resource a (new) day trader must have. That resource is the Textbook Trading DVD by Nathan Michaud. Let me tell you it is one of the most comprehensive, detailed and well thought out day trading resources you can have to maximize your profits and minimize your errors, losses and dumb mistakes.

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You can day trade with Nathan Michaud live right here!

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I began day trading full time at the beginning of 2014. This is the most important and valuable source of information I use in my trading. The trading room has a no-nonsense policy during market open hours. The general rule for posting anything in this chatroom is to first ask, “Is this helpful to everyone else in the room?” So all day its alerts for ticker action and intraday setups. Additionally, I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge from the seasoned traders in the room. It has a terrific community.

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