Nathan Michaud Makes Over $20,000 on GENE

We had another great week in chat!


This week, we were focusing on the stock GENE among others and we nailed the trades. Plenty of members profited and I cleared over $20,000 in profits in a couple of days.

How did we do it? Simple. We find the hot stocks and we apply our trading rules to them. Focus is key! Focusing on a few tickers helps prepare you for the big moves.

Check out this free video lesson I put together explaining my rationale behind the GENE trade.

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A Look at Nathan Michaud’s Services

Nathan MichaudNathan Michaud has been consistently profitable with his trading strategy for years now. Through a combination of technical analysis and proper money management, Nate has been able to develop a trading methodologyy that works, and continues to work. It should come as no surprise that Nate is a renowned day trader and many look to learn from his strategies.

The good news is that there are a variety of ways that people can learn from Nathan Michaud.

Investors Live1. Investors Live – Investors Live is home to Nate’s personal blog where readers can get tons of valuable information for free. Yes, everything on the blog is 100% free. This is where you can get Nate’s insights on the market, free video lessons, exclusive discounts on services, and so much more. If you are looking to learn more about Nathan, Investors Live should be your first stop.

Investors Underground2. Investors Underground – Nate’s become well known in the trading community as the mastermind behind the Investors Underground service. Investors Underground is a trading community that gives people all of the tools they need to succeed in the stock market. Every night, Nate sends out a scan of stocks that may see big moves the next day. The scan includes charts, details of the expected trade, and Nate’s rationale. Investors Underground also includes an active chat room, run by Nathan and his skilled moderators. This chat room is the best scanning tool you can find because it aggregates the insights of professional traders from across the globe. Here, you can get stock alerts in real time. On top of all this, Investors Underground offers video lessons for those looking to consistently educate themselves. Every day, Nathan Michaud posts video lessons recapping the day’s trading session. Investors Underground is a great resource for traders of all skill levels.

Textbook Trading DVD3. Educational DVDs - Getting an edge in the stock market is all about educating yourself. Those who dedicate an appropriate amount of time to education tend to see better trading results. Nathan Michaud launched his first DVD, Textbook Trading, a few years ago, and it is now the #1 rated DVD on Investimonials, a financial product review site. Due to popular demand, Nate launched a second DVD called Tandem Trader in 2014 to show traders his thought process in real time. Tandem Trader is loaded with live stock trading videos, following each move tick-by-tick. This second DVD is a must have for any serious day trader. It’s no surprise that the DVD became the #2 DVD on Investimonials in only a few months.

If you’re looking to learn from Nathan Michaud‘s success, do so in whatever way works best for you. You can start by reading free blog posts on Investors Live, invest in an educational DVD, and then trade alongside the pros at Investors Underground.

Nice Review of Nathan Michaud Textbook Trading DVD

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You can day trade with Nathan Michaud live right here!

Car buyers can find a wealth of information in Kelly’s Blue Book. Home buyers can lean on resources like Zillow but what do day traders have? Who cares! Let me tell you what they should have. If you haven’t read this post on when I joined the Tim Syke’s Millionaire Challenge then you won’t know why my opinion might matter to you. You see I get a lot of comments asking my personal opinion about this journey and now with over 50 subscribers to this blog I feel compelled to share a great resource a (new) day trader must have. That resource is the Textbook Trading DVD by Nathan Michaud. Let me tell you it is one of the most comprehensive, detailed and well thought out day trading resources you can have to maximize your profits and minimize your errors, losses and dumb mistakes.