Nathan Michaud

Day Trader & Founder of Investors Underground

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Excellent for both learning and experienced traders

Review of Investors Underground Live chat and trade with Nathan Michaud live!

Review by greenspud

Join our team and trade live in the chat room!

I began day trading full time at the beginning of 2014. This is the most important and valuable source of information I use in my trading. The trading room has a no-nonsense policy during market open hours. The general rule for posting anything in this chatroom is to first ask, “Is this helpful to everyone else in the room?” So all day its alerts for ticker action and intraday setups. Additionally, I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge from the seasoned traders in the room. It has a terrific community.

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FLUFF-FREE Chatroom, Alerts alerts and more alerts

Review of Investors Underground Live chat by sfeldsott

Join our team and trade live in the chat room!

Nate and the moderators are very good at making sure everyone is keeping the messages relevant to what we’re trading. I think the chatroom’s unofficial motto is “if it isn’t going to help someone trade and make money, SHUT THE F*@K UP”. They’re not all “oh heyyyyy how’s it going, what do you think about the 7:1 split on APPL blah blah blah”, it’s 95% “ABC snap”, “ABC PR”, “XXX short sale at $X risking $X”. Plus Nate is always giving great advice and drills it into your head until you get it. Superb.

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If you want to day trade, this is the only place to be

Review of Investors Underground Live chat by matt789

Join our team and trade live in the chat room!

I have been a member of IU chat since I bought the DVD at the end of April 2014.

My main interest was Nate’s DVD, but in the process of buying it I was offered a month’s free trial of IU chat. I ended up taking the year’s subscription, and it’s the best trading decision I ever made. These two products go together amazingly well for a novice wannabe daytrader.

Chat is VERY focused. Between 9am EST and 4PM there is NO off topic chatter. Pointless comments get a stern warning, and muted from their on. The rules are clear and if you take the time to read them there will be no surprises. This discipline and focus was the first thing that struck me. I have been a member of another very well known chatroom and frankly nothing I saw there made me ANY money. And that’s what we care about right?

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